Men’s Rules

Men’s Conditions Of Play Club Championships & Competitions

The Conditions of Play for Club Championships as adopted by the RNSWBA will apply to Championships conducted by the Club.


  1. The winning (individual or team) of a previous Minor Championship shall not be eligible to enter the same Minor Championship event in subsequent years.
  2. Entry to Minor Championships is restricted to those members who have a handicap of 15 or more in the current year.
  3. All matches are to be played on or prior to the scheduled date. Should weather conditions prevent play being completed by the due date, the Match Committee will determine the completion date.
  4. If a player is drawn to play in two or more Championship matches on the same day and time, the Major event shall take precedence.
  5. Exemption from playing on dates nominated shall only be granted if an entrant is required to play in a State, Zone or District Competition. However it is expected that if practicable the Club Championship shall be played prior to the due date. Exemption shall also be granted in the event of a death in the immediate family. Any application for exemption shall be in writing to the Match Committee at least three (3) days prior to the due date.
  6. Failure to comply with the foregoing will result in the round being forfeited.
  7. Wherever practicable a Marker will be provided for the first round of Singles Championships. Thereafter the losing entrant from each round shall be required to mark in the next round. Failure to comply may at the discretion of the Match Committee, invoke penalties as laid down in RNSWBA Conditions of Play.

Men’s Consistency Rules

Each year the Selectors award a handicap for all Bowlers in the Club. This handicap is used when playing Consistency Singles.

The object of the game is to draw as close to the jack as possible and score points as follows: 4 points for the closest bowl, 3 points for the next closest, 2 points for the next and 1 point for the fourth closest.

The player with the lowest handicap subtracts his handicap from his opponent’s and starts the game minus the difference. His opponent starts on zero. The first player to score 150 points wins the game. During play, should a player kill an end or send the jack into the ditch, his opponent is awarded 10 points. The toss of a coin decides who shall play first, thereafter the highest scorer takes the mat. The jack is placed mid way along the centre line. The length of an end is varied by placement of the mat.

See also: Social Bowls Terms & Conditions.