Men’s Committee

Men’s Social Bowls are played every Wednesday and Saturday weather permitting, unless a Special Event is scheduled in the programme. Ladies are welcome to play on Wednesday and Saturday.

W.P.B.C. Men’s Committee Office Bearers

President: Ross Robertson (
Vice President/s: Paul Dilley
Secretary: Don ScottĀ 
Committee: Peter Field
Craig Chirnside
Michael Fowler
Bowls Secretary: Don Scott (
(Assistant) Keith Gilkes
Zone 9 Delegate: Don Scott
Selectors: Paul Dilley (Chairman)
Michael Fowler
Peter Field
Umpires: Michael James
Michael Fowler (to qualify in 2018)
Ross Robertson (to qualify in 2018)
Don Scott (to qualify in 2018)
Craig Chirnside (to qualify in 2018)
Coach/es: John Nicholls